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VistaClad – cladding inspired by nature

Eva-Last’s market-leading ClipClad system set the standard for durable, low-maintenance composite cladding materials by revolutionising the way cladding worked – from easy installation to maintenance-free long-term performance.

Now, this innovative cladding system is undergoing the next phase of its evolution, including a change in name to VistaClad™

Lifespan composite architectural beams

Constant innovation continues to drive change in building materials and how they are used. The destruction of forests for timber – particularly tropical hardwoods – is behind adaptation of other materials which can both resemble attractive wood finishes aesthetically but outperform timber in building applications.

KFC selects VistaClad by Eva-Last for franchise outlet revamp program

Yum!, the owner of the KFC franchise rights in Africa, sought high-performance décor and architectural materials in complying with a worldwide update of the brand’s outlet specifications. As the franchise coordinator, Yum! required a solution which would accurately match global look and feel specifications while reducing maintenance and related costs for individual franchise owners to a minimum.

Transform your composite deck into a kid-friendly paradise

Your composite deck is a unique space in your home; one unrestricted by walls or roof and open to the possibilities of inspiration from mother nature. It’s a place where your children can explore and imagine uninterrupted with a sense of freedom whilst keeping them safely nearby, just a sliding door away from you. What better spot to give your kids direct access to creativity?

While some people think of an outdoor deck as just an extension of a house, we see it as a haven for magic. Here, in this special place located somewhere in between your home interior and the vast wide open, your children can encounter free-to-be-messy loud chaos or star light star bright tranquility.

8 ways to enjoy your composite deck in the dark

Some might say that a deck is only meant to be used when the sun is out. However, we dare to disagree.
Composite decking is designed to make your life easier, more comfortable and just plain better during the day and night. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean it’s time to head indoors for the evening. Your composite deck beckons you to make the most of dusk and dark in the great outdoors; here are eight great reasons for you (and your family and friends!) to stay out and enjoy your deck: