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Building an outdoor space? Here’s what you need to know

When planning an outdoor living space, be it a deck forming a patio, creating a tanning deck alongside your outdoor pool, or enhancing another area of your garden, perhaps the starting point should be for you to look at all the location options that present themselves on your property.

A favourite tree in a shady spot can be greatly enhanced by creating a small deck area surrounding the trunk, for instance. And the location of a deck adjoining your dwelling may be possible in a multitude of areas, and not merely an extension of your living room. Eva-Last’s range of bamboo-composite decking, with its exceptional ease of installation, gives you the freedom to create your perfect deck area in a number of configurations, and to suit a variety of budgets.
“Eva-Last is proud that it has expanded its range of bamboo-composite products to suit a variety of applications and budgets, in recent years.” says Nathan Chapman, VP Brand and Channel Sales and Co-founder of Eva-Last
We now also offer a range of fasteners specifically tailored to the various colours of Eva-Last decking, as well as a range of railings, and even offer specialised items such as composite joists for mounting decks on screeds, or paved areas, which you may typically find surrounding a swimming pool.

“We also provide comprehensive information on our websites to help people understand which is the right product for their specific application and budget, as well as in-depth installation guides for all our ranges to assist the contractors,” adds Chapman. Once you have a firm visualisation of the deck you wish to create, and the product you will be using, there are a number of considerations that need to be addressed, before actual construction can begin.

Does a deck require building plans?

Eva-Last recommends that at the outset you contact your local building authorities to check the legal requirements for decking construction in your area. In the case of raised decks it is essential to check with your local authorities on the exact legal requirements and obtain the required approvals. There are also requirements for raised decks of a certain height above ground level to be accompanied by protective railings, such as Eva-Last’s RapidRail composite railing system.

What sort of substructure should you specify for an Eva-Last deck?

The type of substructure used for your deck can vary from region to region. For instance, in the dry inland areas, most Eva-Last customers use a steel sub-structure because corrosion is not a big factor at high altitude. But in coastal regions, deck builders should ideally specify the use of treated timber, because rust and corrosion of steel has to be mitigated. In areas where there is a high incidence of aggressive insect infestation, it would be recommended that steel be used in preference to a timber substructure, except in areas near the coast.

Where it is required to lay the decking on top of an existing concreted or paved area, such as in a pool area, Eva-Last has a composite joists which has been designed and may be used for this type of application.

Constructing a substructure

The main requirement of a substructure is that it should be safe and able to support the loads imposed upon a deck, and by the deck itself. For this reason Eva-Last recommends that substructures should be designed and planned in consultation with experts who have a working knowledge of the materials and span widths to provide adequate safety margins for the finished structure. This is all detailed in Eva-Last’s various product installation guides.

Should I build the deck myself?

Eva-Last recommends that decks should be built by people who have prior deck-building experience. There are a number of technical considerations to take into account, such as ensuring that the sub-structure provides an even and appropriate platform for decking placement. In decks located very close to ground level, provision must be made for ventilation and drainage beneath the deck so that there is not a build-up of moisture and mildew. There is no hard and fast rule against a home-owner constructing a deck him or herself, but the warranties applicable to Eva-Last decking will be voided if a deck is not constructed in accordance with the guidelines laid-out in Eva-Last’s installation guides. Some of these procedures require a sound basic grasp of construction techniques, so it will also come down to the capabilities of the individual.

What sort of finish and colour should I go for?

Eva-Last is proud of its extensive range of colours and finishes that mimic traditional timber. Here you should consult the Eva-Last website to see the myriad colours and grain patterns on offer. In making your choice, you should consider whether darker or lighter colours would be appropriate for your needs, taking into account the prevailing climate in your area. The biggest consideration, however, when choosing colours is that it ties in with the design and architecture of the building. Since the products come with up to 30 year warranties, these are not products you will be replacing based on annual colour trends, so it’s important that your choice is universal and in line with the building design.

Deck installation guides

Eva-Last provides extremely comprehensive decking installation guides on its website at

The installation guides cover the various specific techniques for deck construction and board placement, various fixing system types, to ensure that correct spacing is provided for expansion and contraction for a particular Eva-Last brand. Even if you are contracting the construction of your deck to an expert, Eva-Last recommends that you familiarise yourself with the installation procedures to get an idea of precisely how a deck construction should be planned and executed.


Eva-Last has been an leader in composite decking manufacture for almost two decades and is one of the fastest-growing composite decking manufacturers in the world. Its decking ranges offer comprehensive warranties for peace-of-mind purchasing. Eva-Last’s product technologies carry warranties from 10 to 30 years, depending on the brand and the requirements for a specific project.

All Eva-Last warranties are subject to terms and conditions, and home-owners and contractors alike are encouraged to read the finer points of the warranty contracts for each product, as published on Eva-Last’s websites.

After taking all the above into consideration, with Eva-Last you’ll be well-equipped to create an outdoor space that impresses, without the need for constant upkeep and costly maintenance, for many years to come.

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