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Expand Your Vision With Apex Plus

Enjoy the best view of the city or countryside and maximise the panoramic possibilities of your project with the latest composite decking technology from Eva-Last.

Whether it’s a viewing deck on the ski slopes of St. Moritz or a safari lodge in the Serengeti, Eva-Last’s advanced decking will turn your vision into reality without limitations.

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Turning A House Into A Home

There’s nothing quite like a woman’s touch to turn a house into a home. Nowadays, more and more ladies are making major decisions beyond the “soft” interior décor and design of their homes and having their say in their exteriors too.

This Mother’s Day we’re celebrating that fine female finesse that transforms simple structures into stunning habitats where memories can be made.

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Trends & Tech In The Building Materials Market

Urbanisation and Sustainable Development are key economic drivers leading the global construction industry’s post-pandemic recovery. Despite supply-chain stoppages, rising raw material costs and the recessionary-effect of rising inflation and interest rates, these two (seemingly) diametrically opposed trends are driving innovation and development in the advanced building materials market.

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Building For A Greener Future

Leading international bamboo composite building materials manufacturer Eva-Last are building for a greener future faster than its primary raw material bamboo takes to replenish!

The company supplies sustainable composite decking, cladding, architectural beams and railing made from recycled plastic combined with fast-growing bamboo to over 32 countries around the world.

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Trash To Treasure For A Sustainable Built Environment

The well-known proverb “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been truer than on Global Recycling Day, Saturday 18 March 2023. With over 8.3 billion metric tons of mostly single-use plastics manufactured globally since the start of its large-scale production in 1950, and only 9% ever recycled , the imperative to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic has never been more urgent.

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Why Contractors Love Eva-Last

Eva-Last, a leading manufacturer and supplier of composite building materials, is fortunate to enjoy special relationships with a great number of contractors who swear by using Eva-Last products given the all-round virtue and value of the materials. So what exactly do the experts think and why do they love Eva-Last?

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World Wildlife Day

Celebrating Wildlife

Theodore Roosevelt once said: “The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must, and we will.” To do just that, March 3, 2023 has been proclaimed as World Wildlife Day. This year’s global event will be the 10th anniversary of this initiative, launched by the United Nations General Assembly, to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s plants and animals.

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Building an outdoor space? Here’s what you need to know

When planning an outdoor living space, be it a deck forming a patio, creating a tanning deck alongside your outdoor pool, or enhancing another area of your garden, perhaps the starting point should be for you to look at all the location options that present themselves on your property.

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A New View

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Experts on the subject say that the new energy in play will be more gentle than the period of high energy and unpredictability that we had to deal with last year, the Year of the Tiger.

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Choosing Composite Colours that Inspire

Whether we are aware of it or not, colour impacts constantly on our lives: from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive and the houses we live in, the colours that surround us affect our moods. In the case of Eva-Last’s range of composite decking, interior flooring and cladding, as an alternative to timber, Eva-Last’s advanced colour ranges by and large follow the hues that one might find in natural timbers.

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