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Composite that doesn’t compromise

Today composite technology is highly regarded for its state-of-the-art material innovation to accommodate extreme conditions and demanding applications. With major technological advancements in the sector noted over the past two decades, not only does composite offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly building solution but provides exceptional quality and aesthetic finishes.

“Not only do bamboo-plastic composite products reduce environmental impact, but they recreate the beauty and elegance of natural wood in a highly durable product,” says Nathan Chapman, VP Sales and Brand at Eva-Last.
Chapman explains that wooden decking can be a costly and environmentally unfriendly exercise. According to him, a 200m2 hardwood deck requires up to 13 trees to be cut down for planed logs and would typically need to be replaced every ten years due to exposure to the elements and weathering. “Eva-tech is a cost-effective, quality product while being aesthetically beautiful and environmentally progressive, and it comes with a 10-year warranty,” he says.

According to Chapman, Eva-tech is a first-generation material technology made from an engineered cellulose-polymer composite consisting primarily of bamboo and high-density polyethylene. “It is manufactured to handle various climatic conditions around the world with the decking boards incorporating additives which enhance not only the durability of the product but also the colour-fastness, making it highly weather-resistant,” Chapman says of this uncapped bamboo composite product.

There is no doubt that a good-value proposition, when it comes to building materials, is a massive plus in the current climate, but this should never come at a compromise in quality. According to Chapman, homeowners, property developers and building contractors need to understand the balance between quality, price, and aesthetics.

The Eva-tech range is highly versatile allowing for a tailored aesthetic for decking, screening, and fencing as well as decorative balusters and railings. According to Chapman their goal with the product was to offer a wide range of options for a variety of applications. “In decking, Eva-tech I-Series is Eva-Last’s most cost-efficient composite option,” Chapman says. “The patented I-Series design utilises the classic I-beam shape to give the profile strength, but at the same time creates a lightweight board through the removal of excess materials.”

What’s more, Eva-tech offers slip resistance for a safer, more beautiful outdoor space and is a low-maintenance alternative to timber. It allows consumers to create the look of natural wood without constant upkeep.

Eva-tech decking boards are available in grooved, square edge, and starter board profiles, as well as trim and clad fascia boards. Each profile is made for specific installation requirements to ensure your project is completed to the highest technical and aesthetic standards.

Timeless natural colour ranges

The Eva-tech colour range offers timeless natural colours. The consumer can choose from the wyde board with its sleek grooved surface finish, or the new Dual-Tone timber textured board, which is specially designed to evoke the essence of a particular timber type. According to Chapman Dual-Tone has been well-received in various markets around the world where they want a cost-effective, natural-looking composite. “The uptake has been overwhelming,” he says.

In line with Eva-Last’s solution-driven business model to design and deliver beautiful, long-lasting green alternatives that meet various market requirements, Eva-tech continues to impress in the Eva-Last’s product range as a high performance and value for money proposition.

Chapman believes that as the market becomes more aware of building material alternatives and technological advancements, Eva-Last’s composite offering will continue to gain momentum, solidifying its position as a global leader in the space.

“Not only does Eva-Last continue to innovate new technologies but works to consistently refine and improve its first-generation products to meet modern day requirements in various markets.”

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