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With the introduction of the Fortress Railing Al13 Home Range in 2020, leading international building products group Eva-Last is changing the game by making customisable aluminium railings available at affordable prices.

While many homeowners undertake improvements and upgrades to their living spaces by installing decking or cladding, railing options have been limited because of the excessive cost of customising material sizes and shapes to their properties.

For homeowners who need railing for decks, patios and balconies, Fortress Railing Al13 Home Range makes finding flexible solutions easy and worry-free.

Innovative, Reliable And Low Maintenance Products

Building on Eva-Last’s reputation for innovative, reliable and low-maintenance products with market-leading warranties, Fortress® Railing not only caters to commercial applications but also provides a simple, high-quality and long-lasting railing system that is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.
The low-maintenance longevity of Eva-Last’s highly regarded and patented wood-plastic composite decking and cladding is now matched by Fortress® Railing’s all-weather corrosion-resistant quality, without the need for costly and unsightly on-site welding or the excessive inventory that inevitably results from buying component kits.

Fortress Railing’s pre-assembled systems allow for consistent quality and quick installation. A range of common accessories allow Eva Last’s channel partners to compile bespoke semi-knocked-down (SKU) kits for customers to increase order simplicity.

Fortress Railing Offers A Lifetime Warranty

Homeowners are no longer limited in terms of styles and aesthetics, with a wide variety of aesthetic options on offer – all constructed of long-lasting, high-quality materials that ensure worry-free safety and code compliance. Fortress’s lifetime warranties are among the industry’s best and warranty claims are less than 0.5% of sales.

Pre-welded panels and posts are supplied with pre-attached brackets, providing ease of installation and simplified ordering. 51mm Over-The-Post (OTP) and Proud Post with a Drink Rail options offer design flexibility and style creation, while the FORTRESSLOCK finish provides durability and ultimate peace of mind. Various width, height and bracket options make planning accurate and reduce installation time.

Decorative hex head bolt covers and a variety of top rail designs allow for a continuous smooth look for longer spans. With a range of bracket and panel options, homeowners can get around many angles and corners without fuss.

Increasing Contractors Reputation To Drive Repeat Business

Fortress® Railing provides many benefits for the homeowner, including a high degree of customisation, longevity, leading safety ratings and low maintenance, but the rest of the value chain benefits too:

Contractors benefit from simpler ordering and faster, more accurate installations than with component kits, while being able to install railings at a greater range of residential properties than ever before. Quality railings from a highly regarded manufacturer also increases every contractor’s reputation for repeat business.

Distributors benefit from the simplified inventory and enhanced reputation for ease of doing business.

Eva-Last’s addition of the Fortress Railing range is opening new opportunities in the building materials sector through a wide variety of applications and modular cross-selling. Fortress Railing enhances and completes Eva-Last’s railing offering and can be sold as a standalone railing solution even where there is no pre-existing decking or cladding products in place, broadening the potential customer base for railing products. It also adds further opportunities for customers to add to their existing projects in a way which will be fully reverse-compatible – whether mixing and matching decking, railing, cladding, internal flooring or using LifeSpan architectural beams.

Fortress Railing is available from December 2020 during peak renovation season. Now, every space can be made safer and more attractive at a fraction of the usual cost

Eva-Last is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite building products.Together with a wide range of decking, cladding and flooring products, Eva-Last also offers specialised support systems and expert advice, ensuring each and every build is designed to last. Eva-Last® composite profiles and complimentary systems can be found in over 35 countries globally and have been an imperative part of some of the world’s largest building projects. As the leaders in composite building technology, Eva-Last® ensures product quality and customer satisfaction with industry and class leading warranties.