Transform Your Composite Deck Into A Kid-Friendly Paradise

Your composite deck is a unique space in your home; one unrestricted by walls or roof and open to the possibilities of inspiration from mother nature. It’s a place where your children can explore and imagine uninterrupted with a sense of freedom whilst keeping them safely nearby, just a sliding door away from you. What better spot to give your kids direct access to creativity?

While some people think of an outdoor deck as just an extension of a house, we see it as a haven for magic. Here, in this special place located somewhere in between your home interior and the vast wide open, your children can encounter free-to-be-messy loud chaos or star light star bright tranquility.

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8 Ways To Enjoy Your Composite Deck In The Dark

Some might say that a deck is only meant to be used when the sun is out. However, we dare to disagree.
Composite decking is designed to make your life easier, more comfortable and just plain better during the day and night. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean it’s time to head indoors for the evening. Your composite deck beckons you to make the most of dusk and dark in the great outdoors; here are eight great reasons for you (and your family and friends!) to stay out and enjoy your deck:

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Eva-Last® Makes Tourvest Turn Green

Integrated travel management, hotel and private lodge operator Tourvest has made extensive use of Eva-Last decking products and credits Eva-Last’s environmental consciousness with sparking the group’s own drive towards sustainability.

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It’s Not Easy Being a Green Building Products Manufacturer

Becoming certified as environmentally friendly, green building products manufacturer, and using sustainably managed resources costs time and money and the onus is almost always on the manufacturer to go through the process, rather than any regulating organisation certifying all building products on the market.

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Modern Composite Decking Quality Assurance in South Africa

Modern composite decking built around pools or patios to beautify living spaces are very popular home improvements in South Africa and these are technically regulated by South African National Standards relating to flooring. However, such constructions and the building materials used are seldom checked over by a relevant authority, which is a major cause for concern given the possibly fatal risks associated with non-compliant materials.

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Revolutionary Engineered Semi-Solid Composite Decking Boards

For years common sense dictated that solid composite boards were more durable than hollow ones. While hollow composite profiles offered certain advantages thanks to their lighter weight, the industry was plagued with issues surrounding moisture in the hollow chambers and their long-term instability. Only recently has the all new I-Series™ composite product range been able to take the good without the bad by creating an improved product and new semi-solid composite product category. The I-Series™ semi-solid composite product line offers a very lightweight board that performs arguably better than even solid boards.

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