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How creative cladding is changing the face of architecture

Modern composite cladding technology has made it possible to completely revamp the exterior or interior of a building with designs and applications that were unthinkable years ago. Light in weight and incredibly strong over any span, technologically advanced cladding has moved on from horizontal log-lap styles to open up a world of creativity.

The wide range of colours and grains available in composite materials – which combine natural fibres such as bamboo with strong and durable recycled plastics – make it possible to turn the exterior or interior of a building into a statement façade, rather than the limiting option of natural timber.

Shelley Galliver, marketing director at building materials group Eva-Last, says composite cladding materials like VistaClad are unbelievably versatile.
Vertical, horizontal and even diagonal orientations of cladding have allowed architects, building owners and even homeowners to create feature walls and add the impression of height to a façade. Using colours, shades and grain patterns, buildings can either be made to meld with their natural rural surroundings or be made to stand out from their urban setting.
Galliver refers to the deployment of VistaClad as a standard specification on various elements in all the new KFC outlets, to its use as eye-catching facades at the new Chartwell Corner shopping centre. “We’ve seen VistaClad used in a variety of patterns and designs. From installations that mix various colours on one wall creating an attention-grabbing feature to something as simple and stunning as headboards in bedrooms.”

With designs that are complex and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, cladding of mixed orientations and vibrant patterns is livening up commercial, retail and living spaces. “From natural, characterful looks to deliberately artistic installations, cladding can be either the backdrop to an eye-catching feature, or it can itself be the eye-catching feature. It is incredible how a geometrically boring building can be transformed by installing cladding in areas to liven it up and in many instances modernise old or outdated architecture,” says Galliver.

VistaClad comes with industry leading warranties and makes for a hassle-free, low-maintenance solution for indoor or outdoor installations. “Paint fades and spoils and needs to be reapplied every few years, while natural timber suffers especially in outdoor installations where it is exposed to the elements. For VistaClad, one decade turns to the next and it looks the same as it did on day one. It is also really quick and easy to install, thanks to its proprietary fixing system, which is fully concealed to maximise aesthetic attractiveness through a flawless, screwless finish,” she adds.

Boards simply click and lock into place and can withstand strong winds. The system is designed in a way that allows air flow behind the boards, which results in both a ventilated and insulated system. VistaClad is highly resistant to biodegradation, corrosion, insects, moisture and weather. This makes VistaClad ideal for installation at height, where its low maintenance requirements really come to the fore. With any other cladding materials, that would become a costly annual maintenance routine.

Best of all, VistaClad is environmentally friendly. Eva-Last’s products are made from easily replenished, fast-growing bamboo fibres, combined with recovered, recycled plastics.

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