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Constant innovation continues to drive change in building materials and how they are used. The destruction of forests for timber – particularly tropical hardwoods – is behind adaptation of other materials which can both resemble attractive wood finishes aesthetically but outperform timber in building applications.

Combining Composite Material With Lightweight Aluminum

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Eva-Last’s forest-friendly alternative to the use of timber in design applications, Lifespan, is an architectural system combining market-leading composite material technologies with lightweight aluminum components. This system brought together a natural timber look on the surface with aluminium profiles with none of the performance drawbacks of timber – such as excessive weight and susceptibility to environmental conditions and maintenance requirements.

The highly versatile Lifespan system offers sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives for pergolas, screening, railing and other decorative architectural showpieces with longevity far beyond that of timber. This aluminium co-extrusion innovation which applied a layer of Eva-Tech composite to the beams to provide a protective aesthetic finish has proven its worth in the market and is ready to take the next step on the global stage with the registration of its trade mark Lifespan™.

The Core Benefits of Lifespan Architectural Beams

“Lifespan maintains all the same benefits as while positioning the range for further innovation in the future” – Chapman, Eva-Last

Indicative of its high-performance qualities over the long term, Lifespan maintains all the same benefits while positioning the range for further innovation in the future. This range will continue to help preserve natural resources while offering architects and designers unprecedented span performance through flexural stability as well as reliable longevity thanks to a 10-year warranty on all Lifespan products.

Made with recycled materials using solar energy, Lifespan is manufactured using a specialised extrusion process which ensures robust bonds between all elements. Lifespan, as its name implies, is highly resistant to severe climatic and biodeterioration conditions. It has been engineered to meet industrial norms and is extremely versatile, whether for railings, vertical posts or pergolas which are lightweight, require no reinforcement and are easy to install.
Lifespan offers decades of weatherproof beauty thanks to its market-leading technical specifications:

  • Flexural stability far surpasses equivalent timber profiles: Modulus of rupture (MOR): 60.0 MPa; Modulus of elasticity (MOE): 1.1 GPa
  • Lifespan is extremely weather-resistant, with a secondary barrier placed over its durable structural material for long-lasting, low-maintenance performance
  • A hollow-core profile reduces mass without compromising on stability, opening an abundance of application opportunities and construction methods and connections with other architectural materials.
  • Both the aluminium and Eva-Tech surface materials are highly resistant to attack by organisms like termites, fungi and bacteria

Eva-Last is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite building products.Together with a wide range of decking, cladding and flooring products, Eva-Last also offers specialised support systems and expert advice, ensuring each and every build is designed to last. Eva-Last composite profiles and complimentary systems can be found in over 35 countries globally and have been an imperative part of some of the world’s largest building projects. As the leaders in composite building technology, Eva-Last ensures product quality and customer satisfaction with industry and class leading warranties.