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Apex boasts an ultra-lightweight foamed bamboo-PVC composite core and an exceptionally natural looking dual tone finish.


Beautiful Apex sets the standard for the most natural-looking composite decking. Its ultra-lightweight foamed bamboo-PVC core makes for easy installation and workability. Apex offers class-leading fire and slip resistance, and exceptional low maintenance, requiring only the most basic of cleaning for optimal longevity. Its protective cap is made from a resilient acrylic polymer coating, offering long-term fade, scratch, and stain resistance. Apex provides long-term decay and weather resistance by resisting biodegradation, insects, moisture, and the elements. Apex is also an environmentally friendly alternative to timber, with holistically sustainable manufacturing and use of raw materials.



Sets the standard for the most natural- looking composite


Ultra-lightweight bamboo-PVC core makes for easy installation


Class-leading fire resistance for safer cladding


Overall best slip resistance
in its class


Only the most basic of cleaning required for optimal longevity


Fade, scratch, & stain resistant acrylic polymer capping


Resists biodegradation, insects, moisture, & weather


Holistically sustainable manufacturing & use of raw materials


Apex grooved board

The Apex single sided grooved board offers a seamless finished look by utilising HULK hidden fastener clips. The grooved profile has narrow channels on either side of a rectangular profile that house HULK hidden deck fasteners, providing a clean and neat finish to any decking project. This fixing system has been optimised to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the board while firmly securing the board in place, and allows for simplified, streamlined installation. This board is available in two sizes to best suit your project.

Profile Cross Sections

140 mm x 24 mm

190 mm x 24 mm

Apex square edge board

The Apex single sided square edge board is as versatile as it is durable, ideal for decking, deck and stair edges, and for use as cladding or screening. The Apex square edge board is a lightweight solid decking board that installs easily using traditional top fixing screws. HULK colour matching screws are available in a range of colours and are designed to work perfectly with Apex composite decking for a beautiful finished look. This board is available in two sizes to best suit your project.

Profile Cross Sections

140 mm x 24 mm

190 mm x 24 mm

Apex starter board

The Apex single sided starter board offers one grooved edge and one solid edge making it perfect for deck perimeters, picture framing decks, and creating stairs. HULK fasteners offer hidden clips for fastening the grooved edge and colour matching screws for top fixing the solid edge.

Profile Cross Section

140 mm x 24 mm

Apex fascia board

The Apex single sided fascia board is a non-load bearing bamboo-filled PVC decking utility profile with an ultra-durable engineered acrylic polymer cap. The fascia colours match Apex decking profiles and offer the ideal finish to deck edges and areas where trim is needed. HULK top fixing screws are available in Apex colours and provide an invisible match to the selected decking board.

Profile Cross Sections

150 mm x 12 mm

Apex composite joist

The Apex bearer or foamed composite joist offers a cost-effective option for use over existing slabs such as screed or tile flooring, paving, and patios. It is moisture resistant and does not require additional support. It is available in black to make it less visible between decking boards. Enjoy the versatility of this profile with screening applications.

Profile Cross Section

40 mm x 30 mm


The Apex dual tone colour range adds an extra layer of colour to each board to enhance the natural look of your composite project. The variance in shades within a single composite profile beautifully represents the colour tones found in timber, making your composite all the more striking. Dual tone colours are ideal for projects that are all about that natural look.

Visit your region-specific site to see which profiles, colours, and board sizes are available in your country.

Disclaimer: Span data provided herein is indicative based on typical residential loading conditions. Dimensional and mass data provided herein is indicative based on typical production and may vary with manufacture and material tolerance. Before installing any Eva-Last product, ensure that the application is rational and complies with the local regulations and building codes. Wherever necessary, consult a suitably qualified professional.