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The advancement of building materials has transformed not only the look and feel of modern aesthetic designs but the structural capabilities of the materials themselves, opening up new possibilities for homeowners.

In days gone by, the only option for decking an outdoor entertainment area would have been natural timber, which requires constant maintenance, finishing and partial replacements to keep in serviceable condition.

Outdoor cooking areas and other feature areas in a garden – such as a fire pit and seating area – would typically be made out of concrete, which suffers from stains and algae when exposed to long-term weathering. Similarly, posts, beams and other structural elements made of metal are well known for being prone to rust and becoming dangerous or unsightly as outdoor features in an entertainment area.

Building an outdoor entertainment area with composite materials means being able to create outdoor areas for socialising that maximise the use of the space available while overcoming many of the aesthetic limitations of traditional building products. Composite materials are an entertainer’s dream, allowing homeowners to create comfortable, relaxing spaces full of texture and aesthetic appeal.

The Advancement Of Building Materials Opened Up New Possibilities For Homeowners

“These modern building products offer the best of all worlds in bringing outdoor entertainment dreams to life, whilst also protecting the environment by making use of fast-growing, easily replenished bamboo fibres and recycled plastics that could otherwise end up in landfill sites,” says Eva-Last marketing director Shelley Galliver.

Eva-Last’s composite decking boards feature various capping materials that prevent scratching, splitting, warping and discolouration, all while withstanding the elements for much longer than traditional materials such as hardwoods. The decking boards are fire-resistant, slip-resistant and scuff-resistant. One of the most attractive features of composite materials is that they are low maintenance, never needing anything more than a regular sweep and a clean, to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed.

Nothing Says ‘Outdoor Entertainment Area’ More Than A Poolside Deck With An Outdoor Cooking Area

Using traditional hardwoods would mean a constant need for sanding and finishing to avoid splinters that could be a hazard – especially to kids running around a pool. Around a fire, traditional hardwood products can be easily damaged and may even be unsafe, but with composite products like Eva-Last’s Apex range, which has a Bfl s1 fire resistance rating, aesthetic designs can extend right up to the grill.

While we love to entertain, we also love to keep our engagements relatively private. The flexibility of composite products becomes evident when creating screens, pergolas and gazebos that offer both protection from the elements and privacy in housing developments and complexes where off-plan designs lack adequate screening.

The versatility of these materials is astounding – from traditional uses such as decking, cladding and pergolas to a myriad of functional applications, blending them into the environment or your entertainment space. From seating to bar counters, plant boxes, pool pump covers, to storage cabinets – these materials are impervious to all weather conditions, making them ideal for the outdoor setting. They also come in a wide variety of colours, tones and finishes to suit any possible aesthetic.

Eva-Last’s range of decking technologies give customers choice around not only the colour and grain of the boards but also the longevity of the application required, distinguished by the length of warranty offered on the different brands. Eva-Last’s composite warranties stretch into decades, proving their durability and performance compared with traditional building materials.