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Some might say that a deck is only meant to be used when the sun is out. However, we dare to disagree.

Composite decking is designed to make your life easier, more comfortable and just plain better during the day and night. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean it’s time to head indoors for the evening. Your composite deck beckons you to make the most of dusk and dark in the great outdoors; here are eight great reasons for you (and your family and friends!) to stay out and enjoy your deck:

1. Stargaze With Family And Friends

Quite simply, it’s easier to spot those fantastic shooting stars when there’s no roof in the way! Whether you live in a busy city or in the quiet countryside, putting down a cozy blanket and lying back to gaze up at the heavens on your Eva-Last composite deck is an irresistible way to inspire awe.

Point out the constellations and help your children develop a great respect for Mother Nature on your deck at night. Eva-Last®composite is an environmentally conscious material manufactured using solar power and is made from recycled and reclaimed raw ingredients. It may look and feel like timber, but it’s created without felling a single tree. It’s even been recognised internationally for leading the way in environmental design. What’s more, it’s built to last without the need for any environmentally harmful chemicals, cleaners or sprays which helps keep the Earth – and your family – a little healthier.
Choosing composite and keeping your kids connected to nature are just two ways to support the future of the environment while enjoying the nighttime.

2. Organise A Glamping Event

Have you ever wished that your campsite had a slightly nicer bathroom? Maybe even offered hot water in the shower? Well, the perfect solution might just be to make your home your new favorite campsite! Go ahead and unroll the sleeping bags (and put down the blow-up mattress) right out on your Eva-Last®composite deck.

You could get all the lovely sounds of nature, the fresh, cool night air – but with the convenience of your very own hot and cold running water just a few steps away. Oh, and don’t worry about spills or splinters – Eva-Last®composite is resistant to splinters, stains, moisture – and even slipping. Its UV protection works to maintain its inherent colour by day and makes it that much cooler underfoot. So even if you decide to set up camp in time to take in the sunset, your composite deck will be cooler and more comfortable than wood – the perfect base for a carefree campground.

3. Invite Your Other Half To A Romantic Hideout

Now’s the time to think outside the box when it comes to date night and take advantage of the private setting that’s waiting for you on your composite deck. Add a few candles or strings of twinkly lights (maybe even a bottle of wine)to make your Eva-Last® deck the most romantic place to spend a special evening with your partner. It’s much more impressive than the old dinner and movie routine.

With very little preparation, you can make this night one to remember. Consider cooking up your partner’s favorite meal or laying down a blanket for an outdoor picnic. Glam it up with fine china instead of paper plates. Listen to the sounds of the evening, or put on a bit of background music. Who knows? You may even wind up dancing under the stars just like in the movies!

And while your deck can’t cook and serve your romantic meal for you, it is nice to know that composite is easy and straightforward to clean if there does happen to be any wine or pasta sauce spills. Eva-Last composite can be maintained with just a light sweep for most messes and for stubborn spots, all you need is a bit of regular household dish soap (no specialised cleaning agents required). In fact, Eva-Last®composite is VOC free making it a healthier and more eco-conscious than wood.

4. Create A Family Fun Pad

Spending time outside at night on your Eva-Last  composite deck is the perfect excuse to leave behind the glare of the television and overcome the temptation to zone out in front of a video game. Embrace the chance to unplug from the daily bombardment of screens and enjoy quality time with your family in the fresh outdoors instead.

Dig out the flashlights and put on your best scary monster voice for good old fashioned spooky stories that will have your kids (and maybe even you!) jumping in delightful fear. Pass around the torch and a book to begin a new family tradition of a nightly read aloud story. Add some comfy cushions or even a hammock to really set the family scene. As an extra bonus, it gives your kids a love of literacy as well as a bank of shared memories.

Don’t be afraid to bring out snacks and drinks for the kids. Remember, low-maintenance composite is easy to clean and built for real life living offering you the chance to transform your outdoor composite deck into a new evening living room to make family memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

5. Host A Deck Party With Friends

Your composite deck can play host to fun times with friends as well as family. Corral your pals for an evening of catching up and laughing over nothing right on your deck. The low-maintenance of Eva-Last composite makes for an equally low-maintenance evening of hosting, and lets you focus more on the fun and less on worrying about clean up. With the outdoors as your setting, only minimal set up, decorating or even furniture is required for a great night. Plus, it’s something different, something more unexpected and more low-key than a big night out at the bar.

Keep things simple. Order pizza or host a potluck to ensure you get to be part of the fun instead of getting stuck in the kitchen. Find a vibey playlist to set the tone for the evening. Have a deck of cards handy for poker, Go Fish or even a drinking game. Friday night out on the deck is your recipe for easy entertainment.

6. Make Your Own Music

Evening and music go hand in hand. Your composite deck is the ideal spot for a jam session, a chance to turn off the radio and turn on your musical creativity. With less distraction and more privacy, being out on your deck at night gives you space and opportunity to learn the basics of guitar, pass on what you know to someone else or even compose your own chords. If things turn more rock n roll, you’ll be glad that Eva-Last composite is built sturdy and strong enough to take the beat of your boots. Just remember, when beating the drums, please consider your neighbours as the night wears on.

7. Set Up Your Home Theatre

So far these suggestions about how to enjoy your composite deck at night are all about moving away from technology. But, there’s room in the calendar for an outdoor movie, too. Erecting a home outdoor theatre can be as simple as pinning up an old sheet to the side of your house. After thatyou just need a projector, your favorite film and some cozy pillows to relax for lights, camera, action!

If you’re a real movie connoisseur, you might even consider incorporating Eva-Last composite screening or cladding into the design of your deck for a better backdrop, or add built-in deck seating for maximum viewing pleasure. Eva-Last composite is a DIY-friendly product and designed for simple installation. The Eva-Last website can give you all the installation guidelines you need to consider before building. Eva-Last®reps can help with your technical or design questions, or steer you towards a reliable contractor if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals.

8. Your Sanctuary For A Moment of Me Time

After a long, busy day there’s no better spot to unwind than out on your Eva-Last  composite deck in the stillness of twilight. Take a few minutes to get away from it all by making your deck a place of quiet. Put down a yoga mat (or just an old blanket) and focus on your breathing. Stretch, meditate or just sit and think about nothing at all for a few precious moments. Enjoy some soothing music if it’s been a hard day, or listen to an audiobook if you prefer to read with your eyes closed. Soak up the me-time available on your own composite deck haven.

Your Eva-Last deck is here to add value to your life – day or night. We hope these eight simple suggestions will inspire you to consider the best ways to enjoy it all twenty-four hours in the day.

What other unique ideas do you have for how to use your Eva-Last composite deck after dark?

Eva-Last  is a globally recognised and trusted brand that manufactures and distributes specialised bamboo-plastic composite products and building solutions, namely, decking, cladding and indoor flooring. With over a decade of experience in all stages of the industry, from production to installation, Eva-Last  has both practical and technical knowledge that is used to assist owners, developers, architects and building professionals alike in achieving their design objectives. Eva-Last® strives to continually improve and innovate, delivering revolutionary composite products and attentive support to all customers. 

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